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The colours of Cours Saleya (40x30 cm)

by Alena Gastaldi

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This vibrant bouquet, handpicked from the renowned flower market at Cours Saleya in Nice, embodies the very essence of the French Riviera. It effortlessly captures the captivating colors that define the region—the azure blue of the sky, the fiery red and orange of the buildings, and the mesmerizing turquoise hues of the sea. With each petal, these Riviera Blooms radiate the warmth, romance and lively spirit that make this place so enchanting. Let this bouquet infuse your space with boundless joy and serve as a delightful reminder of endless summer days.

Size: 40x30 cm (includes an art mount with a golden trim) but comes unframed

Materials: Original painting, watercolour on paper

Note: the colours might slightly differ due to various screen settings.

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