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About Alena Gastaldi

Hi! I'm Alena [a-liO-na], a creative nomad, oil and watercolour artist living in Luxembourg

Deep love for slow travel

Having a deep love for travel and exploration, I find inspiration in capturing the beauty of domestic interiors and exteriors from around the world. I've had the incredible opportunity to paint on location in such fascinating places like Nepal, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe. It's through my paintings that I transport you to these captivating destinations, allowing you to experience the sense of place and the emotions they evoke.

My artistic journey

My artistic journey began in a humble Soviet family, where I grew up in a typical apartment adorned with carpets on the floors and walls but devoid of art. However, that environment fuelled my desire to create and appreciate beauty. After spending 13 years as a commercial and luxury hospitality designer, I realised my true passion lays in capturing the essence of life through watercolour. In 2022, I made the bold decision to transition into painting full-time, dedicating myself to my artistic calling.

Living in Singapore for the past 8 years, I've created a home that resonates with my spirit. My trips provide me with endless inspiration. It's there that I create, immerse myself in the local life, and connect with my inner wanderlust.

Beyond painting

Beyond painting, being a passionate treasure hunter, I have a deep appreciation for collecting objects, art, and furniture that reflects an eclectic historical aesthetic, overlayed with occasional humor where you least expect it. I'm drawn to tactile and visual textures and have an affinity for excellent craftsmanship and the humorous quirkiness that can be found in the world.

Fun facts that are not supposed to be part of an artist's page, yet here they are


I’m very fond of science fiction and am the only person I know who has read all the Dune books. No, I don’t mean the first 3, I mean all of them!


I love slow travel! Sitting in cafes, sipping on coffee and observing, listening, tuning in. My dream is to travel as an artist for National Geographics


When I was a student, I worked in the IT department and still love playing World of Warcraft. My main character is a Balance Druid, but it’s by far not the only one

As seen in

Female Magazine, Singapore

The World of Urban Sketching by Stephanie Bower

Pratiques des Arts #162

Pages 95, 210-211, can be found on amazon

Pages 88-91, can be purchased here

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